Q: Do I need a certification to be an SAPVarsity instructor?

The answer is no. Whether you are impressive university professors, an amazing SAP Expert, a SAP community blogger,TechED contributor, InsideTrack speaker, or a coder, your title and credentials don’t matter. We all are learners. We care about your actual skills and knowledge, so we don’t need any paper from you.

Q: So does this mean I am working for SAPVarsity?

We are working for you by making sure your courses reach as many students as possible. And we will make sure that you get the right compensation according to your course performance on our platform.

Q: How much do I get paid?

Wanna know what you get out of it? You get the ice cream, the hot fudge, the banana and the nuts. We get the sprinkles, and ya - if this goes through, we get the cherry. But we bet you get the sundae! You definitely get the sundae.

 Q: Do I need to spend hours a day to do my courses?

No, you don’t. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. Once you have uploaded your course on our platform, there is nothing much to do. Perhaps, you will just spend few hours a month to respond to students’ query and update your courses. Make it worth the dime, that’s all we ask.

Q: I am camera-shy. What to do?

If you think people want to recognize you in the field you're in, always begin with a simplest idea. Make a great podcast. Write the best blog the world would ever see. Keep moving forward. At times of adversity, think forward. We all travel in a one-way street. Team up, and send us your clips. There is an expert hiding somewhere inside you. Let's get you started.

Q: Do I need to quit my job? 

Unless you already hate it, you don’t need to. Since you are just going to spend a little time every month, your job schedule is not interrupted. You can even go fishing in the nearby lake or whatever hobby you like to do on weekends. We respect your privacy. We respect your work. We work full-time to keep your content ranked and ready for global consumption. We keep the bakery open. Manned by an active 24x7 team who works in different time-zones, we can help you sell your cakes.

Q: Do I need to follow a certain structure for the course?

We have some guidelines on the best practices for our platform that we believe can benefit both the teacher and the student. However, you can always develop your own course materials and structure if you think it’s the best. Well let’s put this way. Any idea is a great idea. Do you think including memes in your courses would make it popular? Yes, you can.

Q: Can I cover different courses?

Of course, you can. But establishing yourself as an expert on a particular area of knowledge is a good way of gaining students. So you need to make sure the topics are relevant to each other. Opinions apart – We really respect talent, if you can confidently show your diversity.

Q: How much earning do I need to expect here? 

The money that gets to your account depends on the number of students who are going to enroll on your online course. This is why it’s important to choose a topic you deem is useful. Moreover, courses that can withstand the onslaught of time have higher chances of performing well.

In short, more students enrolled mean more money for the instructor. And, remember - You can't always eat head and tail of the fish. Presently, unless SAPVarsity making its numbers, we are making the website advertisement free! Help us run ad-free. That's all we ask.

SAPVarsity is not a get-rich-quick scheme. We are a venture-backed, content-loaded, for-profit massive online learning platform. We are not here to disrupt how courses should be taught — Yes, the cliché. We are just a platform for experts wanting to teach other people with constant improvement. You can view our platform as the 21st-century fusion of professional seminar and how-to videos, with a difference.

Q: Why Ad-free?

Yes, we have few thumb rules. SAPVarsity will never apologize for having high standards. SAPVarsity won't plagiarize content. We won't post spam. We won't post adverts from GoogleAdsense/Amazon Affliates. We won't bomb you with newsletters. We won't do courses, for the sake of making courses. 0% BS.

Q: How different is it from others?

Internet is all about consumption. How good a chef you are, is determined by how best your food that you serve is. SAPVarsity is no exception. We are not here to promote ourselves as experts. We are learners, with humble beginnings. We seek to provide platform for learners. We give an opportunity for anyone to make courses, content and purposeful learning, and earn their fair bread.

SAPVarsity™ offers on-demand courses and instructor led online training using virtual live classroom. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.

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