An initiative taken to solve the growing demand for professional content  — SAPVarsity™ is an on-demand MOOCs e-learning platform for SAP professionals. SAPVarsity provides instructor-led SAP eLearning courses using virtual live classroom, on-demand online product specific courses, and offers high quality content prepared by experts, classroom interactions and live interactions with instructors. Each SAP eLearning course is an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. SAPVarsity has each course module has designed to engage the reader completely. We reward our faculty members who go a step ahead elucidating on concepts, followed by sharing their real-world experiences, the application of those concepts practically on a live board, and engaging students using quizzes, group submissions and assignments. Besides this, SAPVarsity encourages participants to meet offline by organizing a meet-ups and events.


We aim to make courses affordable. SAPVarsity™ makes learning more personalized, interactive, and organized. SAPVarsity has a teaching assistance ingrained in the program. It provides customized full instructor-to-peer shared learning experience, and encourages students to participate in an intelligent and engaging conversation with instructors. More details:


Keep doing something for free till you become good at it. SAPVarsity has each e-learning tutorial is designed to be engaging enough to make students stick to completing their enrolled course. Feedback metrics from quizzes are shared with every online eLearning instructor to keep a tab on progress and monitor where their content needs improvement. Each instructor shares a space with students to make it a less isolated process, with focus on latest SAP products and making content accessible to students at affordable prices.



SAPVarsity™ offers on-demand courses and instructor led online training using virtual live classroom. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.

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